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Top causes of residential fires in Evanston and how to avoid them

September 25, 2023
Man surprised by smoke pouring out of oven

When you own a home, there are many hazards to keep in mind. Fire is foremost among them, as it can arise in any place and anytime. The U.S. Fire Administration approximated a stunning $8.9 billion in property damage across the United States as a result of residential fires in 2021. In the same year, there were more than 350,000 noted occurrences. Luckily, there are actions you can take to avoid them. Investigate the causes and how to prevent house fires in Evanston.

What sparks residential fires in Evanston?

Fires can sprout up in any spot and without notice, whether caused by a burning cigarette in a trash can or an unattended stovetop. Here are the most common causes of residential fires.

  • Cooking: Incidents in the kitchen are the most widespread types of residential fires in Evanston and everywhere else. Neglected stovetops are the main source, so always pay attention to that hot skillet when making a meal. It’s also worth nothing that soaking a grease fire with water will only make things worse.
  • Heating: Portable heaters are a well-known cause of residential fires. Running them for extended time periods may cause inner parts to break down and catch fire. Putting heaters by flammable textiles like bed sheets and curtains or using worn cords will also lead to disaster. Other heating elements, such as fireplaces and furnaces, might cause fires and should be checked frequently.
  • Electrical: Worn out wiring, malfunctioning outlets, and overloaded extension cords are a few of the ways electrical complications result in fires. If you detect sparking, flickering lights, or strange odors, get it checked out promptly.
  • Candles: If there's a flame, there's a chance of fire. Residential fires caused by candles are still frequently reported and typically result from carelessness. Burning candles in close proximity to ignitable materials like drapes or leaving them within range of a curious pet will often produce disastrous results.
  • Smoking: Despite the overall reduction in smoking across the country, it’s still an unquestionable fire hazard. The U.S. Fire Administration approximated that 7,800 residential fires were started by smoking in 2021. Falling asleep with a cigarette in hand or throwing out smoldering ashes prematurely can bring about catastrophic results.

The best way to prevent house fires in Evanston is to be attentive at all times. Always watch closely when cooking, never leave a candle unattended, and dispose of cigarettes properly. If you must operate a space heater, do so in short intervals and get one that includes an automatic shut-off feature in the event it overturns.

Get help quickly with a monitored fire alarm in Evanston

You should have smoke detectors on each floor and more near sleeping areas. But you can take your home’s safety a step further with a monitored fire alarm. These modern safety features will not only recognize smoke but can also trigger due to extreme heat. Furthermore, considering they integrate into your modern smart home, they’ll notify you and your monitoring representatives whenever a disaster strikes. This is a worthwhile perk, especially when you’re not around to hear the alarm and call the fire department yourself.

Protect against common risks with a Vivint smart home in Evanston

Elevate the protection of your residence today with a Vivint smart home. You may personalize our systems with monitored fire alarms, water sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. You’ll be thankful for the instant alerts to your smartphone and the peace of mind that you get with professional monitoring. Place a call to (847) 925-7636 to talk with a Vivint representative.